Face Bleach


Gold bleach, Fruit bleach, Herbal bleach & Oxy bleach


Gold Bleach

Gold bleach lightens hair to match the skin color and also makes the skin fairer and glowing. Its mild formula gives more natural texture without any irritation on the skin.

Fruit Bleach

(Fruitolicious Fun Fairness) The fruit fun ever given by fruit bleach helps to give fairness for a much longer time and Keep the skin fresh and glowing. The fruit extracts helps the skin to retain its fair complexion with a more radiant look.

Herbal Bleach

Combination of herbal ingredients like Aloevera, Tulsi & Turmeric makes you beautiful. This bleach makes the skin fairer and lightens the tanned skin & hair. Good for sensitive skin. We recommend twice a month.

Oxy Bleach

Oxy bleach is oxygenated skin bleach which helps the skin to breathe more, as it takes water & lipids in to the skin. After bleaching dead skin & exposed patchy areas, it gives hydrating, glowing & smooth texture to the skin. It is good for mature & ageing skin types.

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